Friday, August 22, 2014

Patrick Dempsey's Home in Architectural Digest

This home is stunning.
I want to live here, exactly how it exists in these photos.

{all images via Architectural Digest}

To read more about this house go here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Emily and Meritt for Pottery Barn Teen

I am in deep love with the second collection of furnishings for PBTeen
by famous LA designer/stylist duo, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott.

{PBTeen images via}

Lucky, lucky girls who get to lavish in these fine furnishings.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This Entry Inspires Me


I really wish I could find that all important 'thing' that makes my entry stand out as wow.
I contemplate wall paper, furniture, art, rugs.
I peruse Pinterest and other usual suspects of online design to inspire me, looking for that something that will grab and pull and explain what I want to say through my home about me,
about my family.
Maybe I put too much pressure on such a small space to say all these things,
when really all that needs to be said is
Or, this is my home and I'm happiest here.
Or, all my favorite people reside in this house.

I love this entry from Elle Decor.
I never knew a table overflowing with candlesticks would be my thing, but now I know it is.
I'm a sucker for a portrait gallery wall, I especially love how this one is hung.
Add to that textured walls, ceiling, a simple round pendant light,
you end up with a well balanced entry of modern traditional.
A style I find I gravitate to.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Vacation

Christmas is in full effect at my house.
We put the tree up on Saturday, and I'm embarrassed to tell you the other holiday decorations have been up for a couple weeks.

It all started the weekend I got home from being in Iowa.
I bought a few Christmas things while antiquing and I thought, I'll just keep these out since it's almost time anyway.
Then my brain said to me, maybe I should put up my Santa's since it seems strange to only have a few decorations out.
And Santa's really don't look good without stockings around the fireplace...yada yada yada...vicious cycle...everything's up...Christmas in full effect.

Decorating the tree with the kids is really fun, sort of.
I'm a visual person, I like ornaments spaced just so, I like glass ornaments, I like kids not to touch them, I wish I had velvet roping so I could rope off my tree.
Alas, that's not realistic and kids like to help and it's part of making holiday memories, 
so Hubs tells me.
So I let them put up everything on their own and then I rearrange everything after they've gone to bed that night.
I figure that's their penance for making me put up their homemade preschool ornaments on the tree.

We also watched 'Christmas Vacation' which is a holiday tradition at our house.
Us and every American family.
I realized something while watching this last time.
If I hadn't married Hubs or had kids, I would be just like the yuppie stuck-up neighbor next door to the Griswold's.  
I'd be Margot, aka Elaine from Seinfeld.
I'd judge and watch in horror at the crazy antics of the family who lives next door.
Everything in my house would be white, and clean, and my freezer would never know things like chicken nuggets or frozen waffles.
My pillows would be perfectly karate chopped down the middle and my kitchen cabinets would look just like the ones in 'Sleeping with the Enemy'.

That would be...bad...really terrible.